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When you use the services of INN4SMART SOLUTIONS, whether through the website or the App, you are entrusting us with some of your personal information. We recognise that this is a large burden on our shoulders, and we are always trying to keep your information safe and secure, as well as to provide you control over your data. We are already ISO 27001 certified, independently accredited for preserving the privacy of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the context of GDPR preparedness, and working on a few additional key data privacy certifications. This Privacy Policy section is intended to help you understand what information INN4SMART SOLUTIONS collects, why we gather such information, and how you have complete control over updating, managing, or deleting such information.

1. Introduction

2. Information gathered by INN4SMART SOLUTIONS

3. How is the Data Collected?

4. Why is information gathered?

5. Privacy settings for users

6. Information Sharing and Disclosures

7. Your Data Protection

8. Your Data Retention and Deletion

9. The role and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer

INN4SMART SOLUTIONS is a complete security and community management platform that assists millions of people in making their lives safer, more secure, and more convenient. Accounts & Payments Management was one of our many services. INN4SMART SOLUTIONS has an end-to-end accounting module to make financial administration easier for Resident Welfare Associations. In addition, residents may use the app to pay their maintenance expenses.

Visitor Management: INN4SMART SOLUTIONS' technology improves security by guaranteeing that only authorized visitors are allowed entrance.

Delivery Management: With INN4SMART SOLUTIONS, users may have their deliveries left at the gate if they are not at home, and then pick them up whenever they want.
In addition, INN4SMART SOLUTIONS has collaborated with eCommerce sites to enable delivery people entrance faster and more safe. Residents may alert their security staff with the touch of a button on the app in the event of an emergency.

Child Safety:Residents can ask their security guards to verify if their children have authorization to leave the premises (this function does not require any information about the youngsters).
All residents receive reminders when their daily help (maids, chefs, and nannies) arrives, and they may also monitor their monthly attendance. Residents may also use the app to pay their daily helper's salary or record a cash payment.
Management of the Clubhouse and Reservations for Amenities: This function may be used by the Management Committee to guarantee that access to the clubhouse is limited to residents and their visitors, to monitor use trends, and even to create a booking option for specific amenities.

Helpdesk and Communication:Residents may also get their concerns handled by filing a problem with the appropriate person using their app's helpdesk.
INN4SMART SOLUTIONS uses the app to link the community – residents, RWAs, facility managers, security staff, daily support, and guests – in order to improve the security and convenience of the facility. Apart from utilising our services, all users may utilise our Web and App to control their data privacy in a number of ways.

Information gathered by INN4SMART SOLUTIONS We want you to know that the information you submit through the INN4SMART SOLUTIONS app or website is used to assist us offer you with exceptional service.
The information INN4SMART SOLUTIONS gathers and how it is used is determined by how you use our services and how you maintain your personal information.
Controls over privacy. For example, in the case of typical INN4SMART SOLUTIONS services, Only your address, name, and phone number will be required.
If your civilization, on the other hand, chooses to employ sophisticated features like as Additional information may be required to render accounts and payments.
services. All individually identifiable data is kept as confidential.
We will handle sensitive information for you, and you will have complete control over it.

The following data was gathered using the INN4SMART SOLUTIONS app and website:
Name, email address, mobile phone number, apartment/villa number, car number (if applicable), and any other information you choose to submit on INN4SMART SOLUTIONS.
Names of visitors and the address of the resident flat to be visited.
INN4SMART SOLUTIONS does not require any more guest information.
App for gate entrance (Note: Individual RWAs may want extra information such as a phone number, but this is entirely at their discretion.)
Name, phone number, resident flat to be visited (if any), vehicle number (if any), entry/exit time, visit purpose, and photograph for service providers to societies/individual homes. For purposes of security, As required by local regulations, some personally identifying information of service providers, including delivery executives, is collected at the gate.
The information is processed by INN4SMART SOLUTIONS in accordance with the service requirements.

Additional information: IP address, Webpages visited (inn4smart.com pages visited by the user; a standard practise to optimise user experience and curate content of a website), browser, device, and operating system information, mobile network information, date, time, and referrer URL of your request (the website from which the user was redirected to inn4smart.com;
a common practise for tracking and compensating the source of inn4smart.com traffic, such as when a visitor clicks on a Google ad for inn4smart.com.)

Information gathered from other sources / third parties is as follows:
In addition to the foregoing, in the event of a COVID pandemic, residents, guests, and/or service providers to the Society / Individual houses will be able to utilise the Aarogya Setu Mobile App (Aarogya Setu App) to request permission
to enter the particular apartment / society. If a Society / Individual home's resident, guest, or service provider uses the Aarogya Setu App to get access,
After scanning the QR code, INN4SMART SOLUTIONS will obtain the
following information from the Aarogya Setu App:
(a) Name
(b) Phone Number
(c) Risk Category

Individual RWAs may need the usage of the Aarogya Setu App in order to get access to the RWA, however this is entirely at the discretion of the respective RWAs.
On all of our websites, we use cookies and other similar technologies to gather basic website access information (such as browser type) (inn4smart.com). We use this information to measure, enhance, and customise our services for you, and we do not share it with any other parties for commercial purposes.
We never sell or transfer user information to third parties. The information is collected exclusively to provide services and improve your experience on INN4SMART SOLUTIONS platforms. We provide you with fantastic value add from third-party partners on a case-by-case basis, with your explicit agreement to exchange information.
If you'd like to learn more about our policy on visitor data, please click here.
The services provided by INN4SMART SOLUTIONS are an extension of the services provided by the Resident Welfare Association (RWA), which is a direct client of the premises.For recordkeeping and security purposes, RWA members will have access to all of the information collected for their society on INN4SMART SOLUTIONS. If any of the RWA members get access to resident data, INN4SMART SOLUTIONS will notify the user in a transparent manner, along with the cause for the access.
How Is Information Gathered? Our website and mobile app (collectively referred to as "Platforms") are where INN4SMART SOLUTIONS offers its services.
To provide a great product and service experience, we collect user information directly or indirectly through our platforms.

Direct Information: All personally identifiable information listed in the "Information INN4SMART SOLUTIONS Collects" section is explicitly collected on the platform, where users fill in their information and give their consent to be contacted or for their information to be used by INN4SMART SOLUTIONS to better serve them via the platforms.

Indirect Information: While engaging with our platform, information such as the user's IP address, device data, browsing data, and other information mentioned in "Information INN4SMART SOLUTIONS Collects" is gathered.
The information is gathered in order to improve the user experience on our platforms.
Why Is This Information Gathered? To deliver our services, we collect information from users. Users' inputs and judgement are used to gather data on the INN4SMART SOLUTIONS website. The information gathered on the mobile app is in accordance with our agreement with the RWA of societies, which serves as an extended service provider to all residents inside the society.

The following are the major services that will necessitate the collection of data:
Account creation and management
Content, company information, and user information may all be personalised. Communicate with you on a regular basis (for example, new feature/benefit introductions, feature usage instructions, and so on).
Data collection and analysis of platform usage for the purpose of improving future services (All analyses are performed at the aggregate level, and INN4SMART SOLUTIONS never accesses or analyses data at the individual user level.)
Legal duties and internal audit requirements (information about non-guest visitors),

INN4SMART SOLUTIONS PROTECTS OUR USERS: Across platforms, data is used to improve service safety and dependability.
This includes identifying, preventing, and responding to security threats, fraud, and any other technological issues that may endanger our users or INN4SMART SOLUTIONS.
Controls over user privacy INN4SMART SOLUTIONS assures that you have complete control over the data we gather and how we utilise it.
This section explains how to manage your privacy across all of our platforms and services.
In addition, we provide a few more ways via which users can contact us to amend or delete their information stored with us.

Keeping track of, evaluating, and upgrading your data: When you're signed in, you may always go to the services you use to check and change information.
You may, for example, modify your contact information such as your name, email address, and phone number.
Disclosures and Information Sharing We do not disclose your personal information with anybody outside of INN4SMART SOLUTIONS or with anyone within INN4SMART SOLUTIONS.
This section describes how to manage your personal information across all of our platforms and services.
We also give a few more options for users to contact us in order to update or delete their information kept with us.

Keeping track of your data, analysing it, and improving it:
You may always go to the services you use to check and modify information after you've logged in. You may change your contact information, such as your name, email address, and phone number, for example.
Information Sharing and Disclosures We never share your personal information with anybody outside of INN4SMART SOLUTIONS or within INN4SMART SOLUTIONS.
Comply with any relevant law, rule, or legal procedure, as well as any enforceable government request.
To enforce relevant terms of service, which may include looking into suspected violations, fraud, security, or technical issues/breach.
As needed, share information with your respective societies' RWA in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
As necessary or authorised by law, we will protect our users' rights, property, and safety, as well as the rights, property, and safety of INN4SMART SOLUTIONS and the general public.

In some circumstances, we may handle some of your information based on your express consent given to us at the time the data was acquired.Your information is not shared with any corporations, organisations, or people.
However, if a situation occurs in the future where certain data must be shared, we will keep you aware and obtain your consent as necessary.
If we (or a portion of our business/assets) intend to merge with or be acquired by another business entity, or if we (or a portion of our business/assets) plan to restructure or amalgamate, your information will be shared.
In the event of a merger or reorganisation, the new business entity will adhere to this Privacy Policy. Before personal information is transferred or becomes subject to the privacy policies of various companies, all affected users will be notified.
All INN4SMART SOLUTIONS platforms and procedures are developed with robust security measures to keep your data safe at all times.
We're conducting a number of real-time checks and tests to assist us discover and automatically prevent security risks before they reach you.
If we identify a threat or risk that we believe you should be aware of, we will alert you and walk you through the measures to preserve your privacy.
We are continuously working to keep your information safe against unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction, including:
The software encrypts all data coming in and out using 256-bit https encryption. For data in motion, TLS encryption is utilised throughout the application, and data is also secured at rest.
All data is housed on servers with best-in-class firewalls and requires several authentications for any access, ensuring that no unauthorised individuals have access.
To prevent unauthorised access to our systems, we continually examine our data collecting, storage, and processing policies, as well as physical security measures.
We limit access to personal information to employees and external contractors who may require it to perform certain services.
Any internal employee having this access is bound by strong contractual confidentiality requirements, and if they fail to satisfy these commitments, they will face severe consequences (including termination or criminal prosecution).
The ISO 27001-certified INN4SMART SOLUTIONS app is audited on a regular basis.
The application and data servers of INN4SMART SOLUTIONS do not use public IP addresses or addresses. A VPN tunnel with two-factor authentication is used to further safeguard access (two factor authentication). All traffic is routed via a WAF (Web Application Firewall) that checks for suspicious activity. Internal employees who have access to this information are subject to stringent controls.
Retention and Deletion of Your Data Depending on the type of information gathered, how it is used, and how you configure your preferences, the information collected on our platforms is kept for varying amounts of time.
Users can request to export a copy of their information or have it deleted from their INN4SMART SOLUTIONS account at any time (certain information deletion may require RWA permission, which INN4SMART SOLUTIONS will help with):
All visitor information is kept for a set length of time (beyond which the data is no longer considered reasonably required for operation or by law), and this interval is set at the discretion of the society' RWA. By default,
INN4SMART SOLUTIONS deletes all visitor information from its systems after 180 days. The RWA will be able to reset it to 60, 120, or 180 days, but not beyond that. Even INN4SMART SOLUTIONS will not be able to recover data once it has been destroyed.
INN4SMART SOLUTIONS has hired a dedicated data protection and grievance officer who will be in charge of supervising the company's data protection policy and execution, as well as ensuring compliance with different privacy laws.
Continually informing the firm and its workers about key Data Privacy regulations Conduct frequent audits to verify compliance and fix any gaps or concerns. Train all personnel involved in data processing. proactively Within the firm, monitoring the adoption and effectiveness of data protection initiatives, Maintaining detailed records of all data processing operations, including the purposes and need of such actions, which must be supplied upon request.
Interfacing with data subjects to discuss how their information is used, their right to have their personal data rectified or destroyed, and the security measures in place by INN4SMART SOLUTIONS to safeguard your personal data.
If you have any questions about your data or privacy, please see the following FAQs.