About Us

A gated community software that makes life easier for everyone, from residents, housing teams and management committee members to security officers and facilities managers.
Why we are Extraordinary
Inn4 Smart Solution was founded with the goal of reducing information asymmetry in the real estate sector and providing world-class service to customers through cutting-edge technology. When we noticed a void in the real estate business, we developed products to fill it. However, when it came to home security, we noticed a number of flaws. That is why Inn4 Smart Solution was formed.
Security management might be inconvenient due to the continual movement of service people (maids, drivers, courier services, delivery personnel, and so on). While most apartment buildings and residential complexes have security systems in place, they are either antiquated or rely primarily on time-consuming and ineffectual human record-keeping.
Furthermore, in larger societies, the amount of employees required to complete daily responsibilities such as visitor control, bookkeeping, and so on is always in question. This can make dealing with concerns like unauthorised visitor entries/vehicle parking and ensuring service personnel attendance difficult for residents and other committee members. Residents are sometimes compelled to react to calls from the police department.
Inn4 Smart Solution comes to your rescue in this situation. We provide a variety of services and features that allow our residents to handle a variety of activities from the comfort of their own homes, including everything from obtaining domestic help to monitoring visitor entry and pre-authorizing guest visits. We feel it also contributes to the security and safety of your society.
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